Flemings Steakhouse

4501 Olde Perimeter Way, Atlanta, GA 30346

 (770) 698-8112


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One of the things we loved about our experience at Fleming’s was the exceptional service. From the moment we walked in, the staff made us feel welcome and attended to our needs throughout the meal. The quality of the food was also outstanding. Each dish we tried was cooked to perfection, with rich flavors and high-quality ingredients that left our taste buds craving for more.


One of the downsides of our dining experience at Fleming’s was the limited options for bar drinks. We were disappointed to find that they didn’t offer frozen or blended drinks, which we were hoping to enjoy with our meal. It would have been nice to have more variety in the bar menu to complement our dining experience.



The quality of the food, the amazing service, and the atmosphere of Fleming’s makes it an easy choice to put on the will be back list. 

The Experience

Our dining experience at Fleming’s was a memorable one. The impeccable service, high-quality food, and delightful flavors left us satisfied and impressed. While we would have liked more options for frozen or blended drinks, it did not take away from the overall enjoyment of the meal. We would definitely recommend Fleming’s for anyone looking for a fine dining experience with delicious steaks and impeccable service.

What was ordered

To start, we indulged in the seafood tower, which was a spectacular display of fresh oysters, chilled lobster, and jumbo shrimp cocktail. The seafood was incredibly fresh and flavorful, and the presentation was visually stunning.

For our main course, we couldn’t resist trying their famous ribeye steak. Cooked to a perfect medium, it was juicy and full of flavor, with a beautiful sear on the outside. The ribeye was accompanied by seasonal sides; green beans and mashed potatoes. 

To balance out the richness of the steak, we ordered the house salad, which was a refreshing blend of mixed greens, tomatoes, and a tangy vinaigrette. The salad was light and crisp, a perfect complement to the hearty steak.




Our dining experience at Fleming’s was a delightful one. From the excellent service to the high-quality food, we thoroughly enjoyed our meal. While we would have liked to see more options for frozen or blended drinks, the calamari appetizer, lobster bisque soup, seafood tower, ribeye steak, and house salad were all exceptional in their own right. Fleming’s is definitely a top choice for those who appreciate fine dining and crave a delicious steakhouse experience.

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